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Pastors' Blog

Who’s Responsible for Your Spiritual Life This Year?

-Scott Wilson, Lead Pastor

Here are three good questions for a new year:

  • What is saving your life right now? 
  • What is getting in your way?
  • What is the Spirit of God trying to tell you?


I’m quite aware of the struggle.  I hear it every so often: “Can’t we make church and the spiritual life more convenient?” 

My answer is always the same: “I don’t know of an avenue to experience God in the way we all say we long for, apart from living in the real world of worship, work, responsibilities and schedules.  Plus, I’m pretty sure God is not interested in discounting or liquidating our process.”

But there are solutions!

Here’s one.  Years ago, Bill Hybels offered a pattern and rhythm for modern Christian discipleship based on 5 G’s – and it still works.

  • Grace – confess daily, know God’s forgiveness and love daily – and live it out
  • Growth – get your attitudes and actions aligned with God daily – plus get out your calendar and put Sunday worship into your schedule
  • Groups – make time to journey with friends in fellowship and Bible study
  • Gifts – share your spiritual gifts and talents in ministry to make a difference in the lives of others and build up Christ’s church
  • Good Stewardship – work to establish in your life what God owns and what you own, learn faithful responsibility, personal accountability and accept God’s reward


What will save you in 2017?

  • What saved you last year?
  • What got in your way last year?
  • What is God’s Spirit trying to tell you?


By the way, the answer to my question in the headline, “Who is responsible for your spiritual life?” – you are...

  • The 5-G’swill help you make 2017 a great year!